• 7 oz of chocolate fondant
  • 175 ml of cream
  • 60 ml of Baileys
  • 0.2 oz of butter
  • 1 oz of chopped almonds
  • Cocoa powder pure

One thing that never fails in our table at Christmas are nougats and truffles. Other sweets not attract us much unless we talk about pastries or fermented doughs, but the rest not especially excites us. Every year I make truffles varied by time or ingredients you have at home and this recipe for Baileys and hazelnuts truffles, is one of our favorite.

Of course not recommend for children because they contain liquor, but also you can delete it without problems, so you do them suitable for everyone. In case of not wanting to use a strong as I propose chocolate, you have to put less cream in the mix if he shall not be less curd.

See how to make Baileys and hazelnuts truffles for Christmas:
1. Boil the cream and mix with the chopped chocolate. Stir until chocolate is melted and obtain a homogeneous mixture. Add butter, liquor and hazelnuts. Mix everything well and pour into a bowl. Refrigerate a few hours or overnight.

2. Once the dough truffle has relaxed cast in a dish cocoa powder. Make small portions with a spoon and passes them through the cacao. Place the truffles in paper or lace and refrigerate at least two hours before you are eating them.

Alright, we finish to make Baileys and hazelnuts truffles for Christmas, now its time to eat and delight. Click here if you want see more christmas truffle recipes.


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