• 6 biscuits
  • 1 cup cream cheese
  • 1 cup melted chocolate
  • several sticks

The cake pops is one of the easiest recipes to do with the kids and have some fun time in the kitchen. Remember that this is the best way to introduce them to the culinary world, which we love, and who tells you not end up being a renowned chef in the future. Many of us surely we fascinated with the kitchen thanks to the teachings of our mothers or grandmothers who have been doing pastry recipes.

Moreover, the cake pops can be the solution to some cupcakes or cakes poorly made, and we can turn them into small volcanoes of cake, and so do not have to throw the failed.

See how to make this awesome cake pops to make with kids:

1. Undo the cake and add the cream cheese. Stir well.

2. Now make balls with the preparation and put each ball a toothpick to make it a pop.

3. Then bathes the balls into melted chocolate.

4. During the bath, make the chocolate take the whole ball.

5. Once ready, take them to the bowl of candies. And the same procedure: bathes the balls in the candies.

6. Finally, try the beads are resting vertically. You can use a long glass support. Wait about five minutes, and voila: delicious and easy cake pops!

If you like another cake pops options to make with kids here you have a video from