• Cake dough mixture
  • Filling
  • Coverage and decorations

There is nothing better than a delicious Valentine cake to enjoy with your better half on Valentine’s Day. And if it is heart-shaped and has a bit of chocolate Even better!

Well, today you’re in luck, since my proposal is a really delicious hearth tempting cake. To do this, you just need a classic mix dough cakes you can find in any store, a little filling and toppings of your fancy flavors.I promise that the end result will be a real treat!

See how to make delicious Valentine’s cake:
1. Prepare cake batter mix according to package directions. Bake half of it in a square pan and the other half in a round pan. Check the dough is well baked, then remove from the oven and let cool.

2. Prepare the tray where you will place the cake. To make the heart, cut the round cake in half. Then accommodates the square cake on the tray, in the form of diamond, placing each cake in half of round one side of the square cake.

3. If you prefer save this job, you can also use a heart-shaped mold. Just remember that the size of the cake will be much smaller.

4. Cut each in half and filled with caramel or custard. Use a little of the same fill to “glue” every round part to the square cake.

5. When everything is ready you can start decorating the way you like. Cover the top with black and white chocolate, put some Italian meringue or perhaps add a few candies to achieve an even sweeter taste.

Alright, we finish to make delicious Valentine’s cake, now its time to eat and delight.


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