• Two or three slices of cake
  • A tsp of cheese cream
  • 3.5 oz of white chocolate
  • 2 oz of couverture chocolate
  • Sticks
  • A tsp of strawberry jam

You must admit that seeing the image of beheaded and impaled heads, dripping blood had scary and maybe gave you some grime, but the goal of Halloween is to pursue this.

The appearance of this heads is to recreate a scene of Game of Thrones in which the counselor Stark, known as Ned, was beheaded and his head is forth traversed by a pike in the castle battlements. Something terrifying for a delicious desert.

See how to make beheaded and impaled heads of Game of Thrones:
1. Star making the cake pops, for which we break the cake and mix with a spoonful of cheese cream. Work the mixture until it is smooth and divide it into portions.

2. Form small balls and refrigerate them for 30 minutes until hey harden. Go through each ball letting the toothpick comes out the other end. Melt separately the chocolates in the microwave. Beat the white chocolate and add ½ tbs of the coverage chocolate. Bathe the heads with the mixture and drain them.

3. Put the heads in the fridge until chocolate hardens, approximately 15 minutes. It doesn´t matter if the excess drains a bit over the toothpick, you can remove it later.

4. With the coverage chocolate almost cold, make the hair trying to bring realism making hair strands. You could also use a fork to make ridges. Put the heads back in the fridge for another 15 minutes and let them cool.

5. To finish the decoration, use a stick to draw with coverage chocolate close eyes and a mouth. Then you can out a beard to finish decorating the slaughtered head.

6. The final touch to give is putting drops of strawberry jam in the top of the stick and just below the neck, to make the effect of dripping flesh blood.

Alright, we finish to make beheaded and impaled heads of Game of Thrones, now its time to eat and delight.


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