• 2.5 lb of tomatoes
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla

Obviously apple jam is one of the most typical jam but not the only delicious, others like this tomato jam are equal or more delicious, just according to tastes of each. For me it is common to find that adults prefer much more sweet tomato jam and the children some fruit jam like apple or pear.

See how to make apple jam recipe:
1. Dip tomatoes in boiling water a few seconds, peel them.

2. Extract the seeds with a teaspoon.

3. Weigh them and equal their weigh with sugar.

4. Put the tomatoes in a pan alternating them with the sugar. Add vanilla.

5. Boil slowly, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula until the syrup takes point.

6. Remove from heat and cool.

7. Store in glass jars.

Alright, we finish to make apple jam recipe, now its time to eat and delight.


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