• 1 pork loin
  • 3 tsp of sesame seeds
  • 4 tsp of all-purpose sauce for meat

It will be easier to prepare this medallions of pork lacquered in sesame recipe, especially if you already have list a meat sauce. With it, we will proceed to lacquer medallions and once cooked appearance and taste will be truly luxurious.

This simple recipe that may well serve you for a second meal or dinner, is also very useful when we want to offer our family or guests a different appetizer, presenting in that case medallions format skewer previously cutting them into cubes and serving as a skewer or a lollipop. The flavor of sesame and soy sauce orange and enhance much the taste of beef sirloin. The recipe can also be made with turkey breast or chicken with the same result.

See how to cook medallions of pork lacquered in sesame:

1. Start cutting the pork tenderloin into medallions of 2 cm thick reserving the tips for future preparations. Put the medallions in a soup plate and cover with 2 tsp of  steak multipurpose sauce, letting marinate for 30 minutes.

2. Put a pan to heat and when it is very hot, put the medallions slightly drained on it, letting go caramelized on the outside. When you goback to the meat, add a spoonful of sauce and let go lacquering the surface of the medallions.

3. Once the medallions are golden brown, turn to the plate with sesame seeds and let it permeate on one side. Place the medallions on the serving plate with some chips and pick up the leftover sauce left in the pan and draw a line on the medallions.

Tasting medallions of pork lacquered in sesame

These medallions of pork are ideal to take as spikes placed on a slice of toast and accompanied by rocket leaves, lamb’s lettuce or watercress salad. As a side dish, you can serve medallions accompanied by a garnish of potatoes and sauce aside for anyone who wants to enhance more your flavor.

If you like another options to taste medallions of pork here you have a video from noreciperequiered: