• Chocolate fondant
  • A egg mold

We have always seen some beautiful pastries chocolate eggs and many of you have wondered how could make at home. Well they are very easy to do, just have to have a mold follow the recipe instructions and will be able to do.

See how to make simple chocolate eggs for Easter:
1. Put the shredded chocolate in a bowl in a water bath, until it is completely dissolved. Stirring evenly. Must reach a temperature of 120°F.

2. Take it off the fire and let it cool until it reaches 85°F.

3. After reaching the temperature, impregnate a mold with a brush trying to fill fine chocolate all edges.

4. Leave to cool the chocolate in the mold, until opaque for 30 minutes. Then give another layer with the brush, this time a little thicker.

5. Leave it again but this time cool the mold upside down so the chocolate is well distributed.

6. Once it has cooled down and see that the mold is left more transparent over the entire surface, means that the chocolate has already separated from the mold.

7. Carefully lift the mold, and you will have the two halves of your Easter egg.

8. In one of the two halves, paint the edges with a smaller brush this time, and the other half place the egg to stick it. Seal with your fingers to make it uniform, and once dry, your Chocolate egg for Easter is ready.

9. Here you have a excelent video about how to make a homemade chocolate egg with a balloon.

Alright, we finish to make simple chocolate eggs for Easter recipe, now its time to eat and delight.


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